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Specialists in small to medium sized refrigeration equipment; Climate Cooling Solutions knows that a new system can be a huge investment for your company. We can assist with choice helping to make sure it completely suits your requirements. Some considerations could be:

Close temperature control
Noise pollution
Limited space
Blast or rapid chilling
Environmentally friendly secondary

As well new installations, we can also assess your current aging equipment, which may contain some of the now banned ozone depleting refrigerants, and look for ways to upgrade your plant and replace the refrigerant for new greener gases to keep up with legislation.

This may or may not be cost effective but a site visit from Climate Cooling Solutions will certainly give you a professional and expert opinion on what the best solution would be.

Equipment set up will have a huge impact on your energy consumption. You may find a close set up inspection, making sure your system is operating efficiently for your exact requirements, could save you ££s. Examples could be

·      Excessive defrost cycles
·      Small refrigerant loss
·      Dirty condenser/evaporator
·      Incorrect temperature control setup
·      Poor system set up

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